Published On: Sat, Jun 20th, 2020

Why are unicorns pulling behind IPOs when a Nasdaq is nearby record highs?

The unicorns are still during it, Vision Fund 2 or no Vision Fund 2.

This week, Instacart announced that it has lifted uninformed collateral during a gratefulness north of $13 billion. And, on a tail of that news item, DoorDash is looking to supplement some-more money during a gratefulness that could widen to a pre-money gratefulness that exceeds $15 billion, according to The Wall Street Journal.

Both announcements make it plain that late-stage unicorns are still means to attract outrageous sums notwithstanding a putatively uncertain, if recently irascible IPO market.

It’s an engaging state of affairs, as a prices that super-late-stage unicorns are means to assign private investors pull their valuations so high that usually a largest and richest companies competence be means to means shopping them. The outcome could be a sealed MA window that leaves usually an exit induce noted “IPO.”

Amazon, for example, paid around $13.7 billion for Whole Foods, a sequence of U.S. grocery stores that a record hulk also uses as placement points for parcel delivery. Instacart, a grocery smoothness service, is now value $13.7 billion as well.

As a private company’s final investors won’t wish to merely mangle even on their investment, Instacart

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