Published On: Wed, Sep 27th, 2017

Where is a ‘Auto Brightness’ Toggle Switch in iOS 11?

Looking for a Auto Brightness toggle switch on your iPhone or iPad? Well, it’s still there, yet changed to a new location.

Auto Brightness Toggle Has a Home in a New Location. Here’s What to Find it.

At a time of writing, iOS 11 is commissioned on 25% of inclination worldwide. While not as discerning as iOS 10, yet things are relocating brazen with a good pace. In fact, yesterday Apple expelled a initial ever indicate recover to a software, iOS 11.0.1. So it’s protected to contend that we are good into a lifecycle of iOS 11.x with some-more and some-more updates to follow in due course.

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With iOS 11, Apple done some large and confidant changes in certain areas. Moving some things around was one of them. Surprisingly, Apple changed a Auto Brightness toggle switch to a new plcae as well, something that meddled with everyone’s mind. But trust me, a switch is still accessible, yet it’s clearly apparent during this indicate in time that Apple does not wish we to spin off a underline given it does save a lot of battery life and offers a seamless visible knowledge when we pierce between dim and good illuminated places.

Auto Brightness Toggle Switch in iOS 11.

In sequence to toggle a switch on or off, go to Settings General Accessibility Display Accommodations. You’ll find a Auto Brightness switch right here.

Personally, we would suggest gripping a switch on during all times. It works like a charm, and it unequivocally does finish adult saving a lot of battery life. But we might take a primer track if we do not mind fiddling with a liughtness slider from time to time. It’s a convenience, if you’re seeking me, something that we should make good use of.

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