Published On: Mon, Apr 6th, 2020

WhatsApp tests new underline to quarrel misinformation: Search a web

WhatsApp, one of a many renouned present messaging platforms on a planet, is contrast a underline that could make it easier for a 2 billion users to tell either a avowal done in messages they have perceived is true.

In a new many beta chronicle of a Android app, a Facebook-owned use has given users a ability to fast brush by a web with a content or video they have perceived for some-more context.

WhatsApp has been contrast this underline in some ability for several buliding now (last year, it authorised some users to demeanour adult an picture on a web), though a orator has now told TechCrunch that a height skeleton to hurl out this underline in a nearby future.

“We are operative on new facilities to assistance commission users to find out some-more information about a messages they accept that have been forwarded many times. This underline is now in testing, and we demeanour brazen to rolling it out in a nearby future,” a orator pronounced in a statement.

Images credit: @shrinivassg

The timely exam of this underline comes during a time when WhatsApp and other messaging platforms are being used some-more mostly than ever before as people stay in hold with their friends, families, and colleagues in a face of a tellurian pandemic.

And as it has happened in a past, several platforms including WhatsApp are grappling with widespread of misinformation — this time about a coronavirus.

But WhatsApp has changed to take movement many quickly this time. It began reaching out to dozens of governments final month to support in their efforts to yield accurate information to a ubiquitous public, it pronounced today.

Earlier today, India announced a WhatsApp bot to assistance a adults be improved sensitive about coronavirus. Earlier this week, a World Health Organization also announced a WhatsApp bot for people globally to bust misconceptions about a coronavirus and answer some of a many frequently asked questions about a disease.

“The WHO Health Alert is a latest central NGO or supervision helpline to turn accessible on WhatsApp, fasten a Singapore Government, The Israel Ministry of Health, a South Africa Department of Health, and KOMINFO Indonesia. We are actively operative to launch internal services with other countries as well,” WhatsApp pronounced in a statement.

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