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WhatsApp Status: A Beginners’s Guide for iPhone & Android Users

WhatsApp has unleashed a code new Status feature, permitting we to post self-destructing stories same to Snapchat. But, how does it all work? If we are a code new user, we will travel we by a basis to get adult and using in no time.

WhatsApp Status – What is it?

For starters, it’s an prolongation of a strange text-only feature, though now it involves photos and videos. When we post a Status update, it will disappear after 24 hours automatically. You even have a choice to baloney (read: doodle) on your photos and videos, insert text, and keep them from being seen by everybody out there. You have full control on what we post.

Privacy – How Does it Work?

First and foremost, your Status updates are encrypted from end-to-end, definition they can’t be intercepted (so they say). Also, we will be gratified to learn that we can set who gets to see your Status and who does not. So we don’t have to worry about all being a free-for-all.

In sequence to get started with a privacy bit of WhatsApp Status, flog things off by rising WhatsApp on your iPhone or Android device first. Once all dismissed up, daub on a Status tab. Then name Privacy during a tip corner. There are 3 options to name from: My Contacts, My Contacts Except and Only Share With. The initial option, when selected, means everybody will be means to see your Status refurbish but any arrange of difference whatsoever. My Contacts Except, when selected, allows we to send updates to everyone, solely for a few people that we wish to stay bashful from. The final Only Share With choice simply allows we to name people who get to see your update, no one else. If we finish adult selecting usually one chairman from your contacts list, usually they get to see your update.

Muting Contacts, Deleting Status Updates, Forwarding Status Updates

Once we are in a Status add-on in WhatsApp, we can do all sorts of applicable stuff. If we are looking to tongue-tied someone, simply appropriate on their standing refurbish and daub on Mute. If we wish to brazen your refurbish to someone, simply daub on a 3 dots symbol on My Status then daub on a Forward button, afterwards name a hit to that we wish to send off your post to.

Deleting your possess Status is easy too. Simply open adult My Status by drumming on a 3 dots button, afterwards appropriate left on a standing we wish to get absolved of. Tap on Delete.

Creating a WhatsApp Status Update

Creating a Status refurbish is passed simple. Launch a WhatsApp app, afterwards daub on a Status add-on during a bottom. Once here, daub on a + pointer during a tip right palm corner, that will launch a camera. Over here, you’ll see 3 options during a bottom – gallery, shutter button and flip camera.

If we wish to preview a gallery quickly, simply appropriate on a small arrow during a tip of a shiver button. Pressing a gallery symbol will give we a full-screen perspective of your device’s camera hurl so we can perspective things in a some-more minute manner.


Fancy recording a video? Tap and reason on a shiver symbol to start recording a video. You need to have your finger hold in place in sequence to keep recording. Also, if we appropriate your finger adult during a recording process, we can possibly wizz in or out of a video. As shortly as we let go of a screen, a video will finish recording.

For a consequence of simplicity, usually daub on a shiver symbol once to snap a print and burst into a editor before promulgation things off. Once here, we will see a garland of options during a tip right palm corner. The initial once allows we to stand or stagger your photo. Second allows we to supplement an emoji. Third allows we to supplement text. The final choice allows we to baloney on a post.

Using splash gestures, we can adjust a distance of a emoji and content we have combined to a post. Swipes will pierce a content and emoji around on a arrangement so we can place them accurately where they should be. Once we are finished formulating your masterpiece, daub on a blue send symbol on a bottom right palm dilemma to post it. If we have altered your mind per Status, afterwards daub on a tighten symbol on a tip left palm corner, that will take we behind to WhatsApp.

Viewing Replying to Status Updates

Whenever we wish to perspective a Status update, simply launch WhatsApp, daub on a Status add-on during a bottom and we will be presented with a latest posts there and then.

Also, we will be gratified to learn that we can respond to Status updates as well. When we are observation a post, you’ll see a small Reply content during a bottom. Simply daub on it and write away. Once we are finished jotting down a reply, daub on a blue send button.

Download WhatsApp for iOS Android

If we wish to try WhatsApp Status right now, afterwards make certain we download a app for your iPhone or Android device today. It’s positively giveaway for a aforementioned platforms.

  • Download WhatsApp for iPhone
  • Download WhatsApp for Android

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