Published On: Fri, Sep 8th, 2017

WhatsApp Rolls Out Picture-in-Picture Feature For Users on Android 8.0 Oreo

Back in July, we reported about WhatsApp contrast picture-in-picture underline for video calls. The contrast was being finished a beta module version, and there was no information when WhatsApp was going to make it official. Today, a present messaging app has announced it for inclination on Android 8.0 Oreo.

The latest chronicle (v 2.17.323) of WhatsApp on Google Play Store brings a functionality to Oreo using devices. With a new PiP feature, Oreo users can now make a video call window smaller and do other tasks on a phone during a video call.

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Users can go to a categorical discuss shade of a hit by drumming a behind symbol during a video call. Similarly, users will be means to go behind to home shade or any other app by drumming a behind symbol during a call on a categorical discuss screen. We contingency contend that it is an glorious approach to use Oreo’s PiP feature, even improved than PiP support on Google Maps.

The PiP underline in itself is utterly a nifty further to Android 8.0 Oreo as it offers seamless multitasking ability while examination videos or even following Google Maps directions. With a attainment on WhatsApp, Oreo users will have even improved utilization of their time during video calls.

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The changelog for WhatsApp chronicle 2.17.323 also shows text-based standing underline that a app started rolling out final month. We don’t know because it is mentioned in a latest changelog too, maybe WhatsApp wants to remind users that these facilities also exist on a app in box they haven’t noticed. The text-only standing underline lets users make content usually updates that stay manifest for 24 hours. To make a content usually update, users only need to daub on a pencil idol in a Status add-on and afterwards form whatever is there on their mind. They can also collect a colour for a credentials of a update.

WhatsApp chronicle 2.17.323 is now accessible on a Google Play Store, though if it’s not manifest for you, afterwards we can always go for primer APK download.

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