Published On: Tue, Oct 17th, 2017

WhatsApp joins other messaging platforms with live plcae sharing

Sharing your stream plcae with someone is a good approach to passive-aggressively explain that you’re on your approach when they ask where we are. But it also has other uses, and WhatsApp has now assimilated rivals Facebook Messenger and iMessage in charity a underline (with a possess rather singular twist).

The new underline will be accessible on both Android and iPhone soon, and it’s accessed a same approach you’d routinely send your location. But now you’ll have a choice not only to put a pin on a map where we are, yet to let them lane we invariably for a generation of your choosing. (A chronicle of this underline was tested progressing this year.)

15 minutes, an hour, and 8 hours seem to be a 3 lengths of time we can select from, yet of march we can also spin off plcae pity manually if we strech your end or wish to disguise your movements.

Snapchat and Foursquare have their possess versions of live plcae pity as well, yet a bland messaging space seems like a best fit to me.

One use for this that seems indeed utterly useful is creation certain someone gets home all right. There are a few reserve apps out there already, yet this is a easier approach to keep lane of someone if we can’t travel or expostulate them home yourself. Plus it’s on a widely used cross-platform app that isn’t Messenger. Unfortunately WhatsApp is still a ugliest of all a discuss apps, yet what can we do?

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