Published On: Thu, Mar 19th, 2020

What we’re removing right and wrong about coronavirus and VC investing

It has only been 9 days given we wrote an overview of a state of VC investing during a arise of a novel coronavirus pandemic.

And what a week it has been: The markets have triggered circuit breakers for an rare third time, a tellurian mercantile basin seems in a offing and a Trump administration is now proposing upwards of $1 trillion in mercantile impulse on tip of a Fed’s hundreds of billions of dollars in quantitative easing.

My God, there is so most news.

The dollars and cents of lifting VC during a coronavirus pandemic

Given how most has altered in only a past few days, we wanted to revisit my strange recommendation and go over what is still true, what has incited out to be wrong and what is trending one approach or a other as events unfold.

Let’s get started.

As we have pronounced ad nauseam this year, VCs are in a hyper-competitive marketplace like we have never seen before. There are some-more VCs, VC firms and VC dollars in some-more geos worldwide prowling for a subsequent startup than ever.

The coronavirus conflict has not altered this simple topic in a market.

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