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What to design during Google I/O this week

Google has been rolling out news during a solid rate given final week, in what feels like a bit of a last-minute clearinghouse forward of tomorrow. The company’s already taken a wraps off of news about Android TV, Google Home, Wear OS Assistant, we name it. If this were many any other company, we’d be endangered that there’s zero left to discuss.

But this is Google. The subsequent few days are going to be jam-packed with developer news and a whole lot of information around a company’s consumer-facing offerings over a subsequent year and beyond. Android, Assistant, Wear OS, hunt and a like are going to take core theatre when a association kicks off a festivities tomorrow during a Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View.

You’d improved trust we’ll be on-hand bringing we all of a applicable information as it breaks. In a meantime, here’s some of what we can pattern from a large show.

Android P

The latest chronicle of Google’s mobile handling complement seems expected to take core theatre here — be it Peppermint Patty, Pudding or Popsicle. The initial developer preview of 9.0 forsaken in Mar of this year, and I/O is expected to be a rising pad of a subsequent large one. Given how many of Oreo’s changes happened behind a scenes, it stands to reason that we’re in for a some-more consumer-facing refurbish for a OS this time out.

We’ve already seen a bit of those visible updates, including new notifications and some upgrades environment a theatre for a scarcely entire tip notch. That, by many accounts, won’t be going divided any time soon. “Material Design 2” is a buzzword that’s been floating around for a few months now to report a initial vital renovate to a OS’s cultured in about 4 years, bringing an altogether agree and some-more concept pattern denunciation to Android.

We’ll also expected get some some-more discernment into a gesture-based navigation that takes some cues from a iPhone X.


Assistant has been a linchpin in Google’s ecosystem play for a few years now, and a significance is usually expected to grow. Announcements over a past integrate of weeks have broadened a company’s Siri/Alexa aspirant to even some-more categories, including Android TV and Wear OS, so substantially don’t do an Assistant-related celebration diversion tomorrow, unless you’re gunning for ethanol poisoning.

It also seems sincerely expected that we’ll see some-more inclination on this front. A second chronicle of Google Home seems overdue. That could good get an Echo-like update, bringing it adult to speed with a rest of a line. And what of all of those Smart Displays a association talked adult behind during CES? Things have been flattering still on that front — maybe a small too quiet.

Expect partnerships galore. The association showed off a Fandango Action usually this week — and that’s expected to usually be a tip of a iceberg.


Artificial comprehension has also been gaining copiousness of steam on a Google campus. AI and ML have been a pushing army in pivotal offerings like Translate, Lens and, of course, Assistant, that a association is looking to truly heed from a competition. The company’s TensorFlow appurtenance training engine is going to get a lot of attention.

Google also usually recently took a wraps off a Lenovo-branded Daydream headset, environment a theatre for some large VR speak during this week’s show. Of course, a association seems even some-more calm to concentration on protracted existence these days. The tech has been a concentration recently on Pixel devices, as a association looks to heed ARCore from Apple’s ARKit. Now’s a time for a association to unequivocally double down on what’s apropos a some-more and some-more critical square of mobile tech.

Wear OS

This is a tough one. Google already suggested some Assistant facilities for a newly rebranded wearable handling system, maybe in an try to build a small fad around what, by many accounts, has been a flattering low product difficulty for a company. Wearables in ubiquitous have been on a bit of a downward arena and Google privately hasn’t finished a lot to change that.

The association unequivocally needs to come in with guns blazing here and reassert itself in a category. Assistant formation will do a bit to assistance buoy a company, though pattern to see Google do a many improved pursuit laying out what a destiny of wearables will demeanour like underneath a new rebrand.

Google I/O kicks off tomorrow. You can follow along here. 

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