Published On: Fri, Aug 4th, 2017

What is Sarahah and Why is it Raising Concerns of Cyber Bullying?

Every once in a while, there comes an app that gets measureless attention. There are apps like Prisma that hoard overnight recognition for their perfect creativity, and on a contrary, there are apps that tip a charts by sparking controversies. One such app that has recently gained recognition is “Sarahah”. This app has dumbfounded relatives in a US and a UK as it is posing as a available approach for teen cyberbullying. Teenagers consecrate a principal share of users for Sarahah and it is lifting concerns of all sorts.

Sarahah: The start and commencement of chaos

If we haven’t listened of this app nonetheless (good!), afterwards let us explain it to you. Sarahah is an unknown messaging use like that lets users send unknown messages. All they need to do is register on a app and pass on a couple to their form to friends or even post it on open platforms. Anyone who has a couple to a form can send we messages though divulgence his/her identity. You have positively no approach to lane who sent we a message.

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Sarahah started as a website for organisational purposes, permitting employees to share their feedback about a association though exposing their temperament and jeopardising their career. It is combined by a Saudi Arabia formed developer Zain al-Abidin Tawfiq, who after realised that this judgment could really good be practical to personal use too, involving friends and families to share feedbacks though divulgence their identity. Tawfiq non-stop a new territory on his website for personal feedback from friends, and it shortly became renouned in a Middle East and Africa. However, this was only a commencement of a bigger disharmony as a app debuted in a West.

Giving a new height to cyber bullying

On Jun 13, 2017, Tawfiq went on to recover an app for Sarahah on both iOS and Android. In no time, a app started trending and shortly surfaced a charts on both a app stores. With a Snapchat integration, a app became some-more renouned among teens. And this is where a difficulty started.

The reason Sarahah gained such recognition in a brief time is that it lets users contend anything and all though any consequences. The anonymity cause ensures that no one can be accounted for whatever pollution they pour online. Giving such a height to teenagers doubles a risk of cyberbullying as they are not mature adequate to hoop such leisure of countenance and they mostly go to lengths that can be severely harmful.

As expected, Sarahah shortly started discouraging users. Many relatives and their children reported that Sarahah is giving support to cyberbullying. While NY Mag’s Select/All mainstay says that they have not perceived any horrible messages during all, there are user reviews on a Play Store that report a app as dangerous. One such examination by Taylor Graham on a Play Store reads, “My 13-year-old sister uses this, and she got a genocide hazard directed during a 2-year-old brother”. Of course, it especially depends on a option of users on how to use a app, as it all can’t be blamed on it, but, if a 13 year aged is regulating such an app afterwards it is positively alarming.

Cyberbullying is not a new judgment on a internet, though we consider apps like Sarahah inspire it further. The anonymity cause of such apps gives an undue pull to a trolls. Particularly for a teens, apps like Sarahah could trigger upsetting circumstances.

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