Published On: Thu, Apr 23rd, 2020

What happens if Magic Leap shuts down?

Since initial uploading a YouTube teaser video of a tech 5 years ago, Magic Leap’s participation in a protracted existence attention has been controversial.

Some have lauded a team’s ambitions, while others I’ve talked to contend a company’s posturing has dissuaded investors from holding chances on other AR hardware startups, that has hampered a industry’s advance.

Regardless of a impact, Magic Leap carries outsized weight, heading one to doubt what would occur to other AR companies if a company’s conditions worsened.

The association announced layoffs today, with reports indicating that it is dismissing around 1,000 employees — about half of a company. Magic Leap’s combined news of a vital concentration to craving creates it seem like that wasn’t a primary plan over a past year. From my perspective, a association looks like it is on a trail to a glow sale and will be contingent on executing a thespian turnaround, that grows worse underneath stream mercantile conditions.

Magic Leap reportedly slashes 1,000 jobs and stairs divided from consumer plans

Magic Leap has few users, so a fanciful shutdown would expected have a obtuse impact than other unicorn flare-outs; still, losing a association on a forefront of a record lauded by many as a subsequent entire height will positively impact others that are essay to move this tech to market.

The impact for startups relocating brazen would be nuanced. Without a estimable program apartment of a own, Magic Leap relied heavily on developer partnerships, yet in new months many of those seemed to foster craving use cases. AR/VR startups are already in a severe position, and one reduction developer height could force some-more companies to de-prioritize headset-based platforms and change their concentration to mobile.

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