Published On: Fri, May 1st, 2020

We Won’t Get A Nintendo Direct This Jun For E3, Says Report

@BenAV Man we wish it’s May. we know a lot of gamers are ok w/ Nintendo watchful out a pandemic, though maybe they are unknowingly that a rest of a gaming attention is not. TLoU2 and Ghost are both antiquated for a subsequent 2 months and Ubi only denounced AC Valhalla.

May for Nintendo is pier after pier after port. June, July, Aug etc we can’t even name a game. We are now in year 4 of Switch, 3DS hasn’t had a new diversion of any stress in a integrate of years now, so where are a Switch games?

They don’t need to date them, though they should be means to uncover something from Zelda BotW2, Bayonetta 3, any Mario remasters, any sequels like ARMS, Mario Kart, Spaltoon. They contingency be operative on some new games, though all we see are AC and Pokemon DLC.

PS5 and X Series X will be shower adult all a news cycles soon, Nintneod shouldn’t wait too most longer. Heck, give me a subsequent Labo project, or a cosmetic Switch VR holder. Something.

Yes, we are in a pandemic, though Ubi, Sony, MS seem to be creation an bid during least.

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