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Wccftech’s Best Strategy Games of 2016 – A Golden Year for Strategy

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It’s a finish of a year and of course, that means usually one thing in gaming media; it’s list time. While essay this I’ve beheld that we have reviewed eighteen devise games, thirteen of those lonesome by me. It’s usually judicious then, that as ‘resident devise guy’, we looked during a best devise games of a year. What we should indicate out is that any diversion in early entrance is immediately unfit from a list; contemptible Endless Space 2, RimWorld and Ultimate General: Civil War.

Almost now it’s easy to notice usually how good a year has been for a genre. we wouldn’t be overstating things to contend that has been a strongest year in story for devise games. Each and any month a good diversion was expelled and even consoles and mobiles were means to make headway. Most of all, one a best devise games ever was expelled this year and even that faced unbending competition.

So yet serve ado, here are a best devise games of 2016.

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI (9.5/10)


Two months ago we started essay my examination of Civ VI and we finished a matter that we worried, after, could have been exaggeration from a fad that surrounds a new release. Two months after this is still a diversion that is still addictive, constrained and officious fantastic. we can’t do anything yet mount by my strange thoughts and repeat that this is a apex of a series. Civilization VI has an artistic art direction, softened AI and an importance on cities and turf like never before charity good vital and tactical opportunities.

How we build your city, a chain of wonders and districts and even a overlapping inlet of certain upgrades. The abyss of options accessible to we when we realize something can be of mutual advantage to dual cities. What it amounts to is a abyss in long-term formulation options that a array has never seen before. It’s even probable to be uncovering new tricks and perks tens, even hundreds of hours into a game. The ability to hold we into personification ‘just one some-more turn’ is frequency this important and it’s one of a unequivocally few games that can truly be described as addictive.

Civilization VI is a best devise diversion of a year and my personal diversion of a year. This is a diversion where any partial works in and and zero feels extraneous. It’s a many finish Civ launch ever and, frankly, a best 4X diversion ever made. Take a tour by time, enhance and build. See your people grow into a multiplying competition for all to spy or be mislaid to time as you’re impressed by those around you. The story is yours and it will be a good one, whatever a outcome.

XCOM 2 (8/10)

XCOM 2 is a covenant to usually how good gloss and can urge a game. Unlike a initial game, this puts we as a celebrity of Earth’s final wish opposite a visitor overlords. Missions are extremely some-more entertaining, even terrifying, as we quarrel opposite strenuous odds. Waves of enemies yield towards your position, what cover we have is removing broken in a ravel and you’re losing profitable time. It even manages to have a genuine effect, giving we terrible decisions of vouchsafing one die to save a rest. This time we insert yourself to a soldiers even some-more than in any other game. They have some-more celebrity due to a customisations accessible and, mostly, by a hardships we have to endure.

Fluidity is what creates XCOM 2 unequivocally mount out opposite a competitors and a first. There’s reduction faith on creeping from cover to cover, holding pops during aliens like they’re targets in a sharpened gallery. You can be sneakier and some-more surgical by choice, yet a diversion has a bent to chuck too many time boundary during we in a proceed to emanate tension. It’s nonessential given it has a ability to emanate fear and tragedy constantly, in a proceed that other games usually conduct during their unequivocally best moments. The new operation of aliens and a accumulation of abilities during both sides ordering adds a new abyss to a combat. Most of all, any and any preference is essential and they positively can be your last. It’s time to save a world, commander.

How Firaxis managed to recover dual superb games as they did in one singular year, I’ll never know. It was always a toss-up between XCOM 2 and Civilization VI as to that was a best devise diversion of a year, a latter usually narrowly finished it.

Shadow Tactics: Blades of a Shogun (8.5/10)

My many recently reviewed diversion and also my biggest warn of a year. It’s a poetic tactical diversion that brings behind gameplay we would find in a Commandos or Desperados series’. Set in an impressively minute delivery of Edo duration Japan, we control a rope of 5 companions in thirteen missions to save a Shogun. With a good reduction of skills during your disposal, as good as glorious spin design, you’re given so many to do, quite as any design has mixed means of completion. What it unequivocally allows for is a outrageous replay value as we try any and any facet of a game.

Shadow Tactics shows we accurately what tough work and a bit of peculiarity control does for a game. There are no squandered moves, any area is abounding with fact and options and a diversion even has extraordinary Japanese voice behaving that creatively had me desiring it was by a Japanese developer. Hopefully this won’t get mislaid in a holiday deteriorate amidst presents, Steam sales and a drink that comes with a late recover date since it’s a shining diversion that has a intensity to go far.

Hearts of Iron IV (9.2/10)

Hearts of Iron will always have a place in my heart, being a array that has taken literally hundreds of hours divided from me. Few games can means me excited nights as we remove hours, creation usually one some-more pull or attempting to consolidate. It’s a same arrange of addictive as Civilization, no Skinner box proceed like too many games take, this is organic. This is Hearts of Iron IV where all is a partial of a game, from building adult your nation, researching along whatever line we wish, trade and being as tactful as we need to be.

There’s small some-more constrained than formulating a master conflict devise to see it operative and afterwards small some-more gratifying than successfully tackling an astonishing pierce by an enemy. It’s a resources of systems accessible to we that creates this entrance a best in a series. You emanate grand conflict plans, conduct and muster applicable resources while also handling tact abroad and affairs during home. All by this, AI led battalions (under chronological troops leaders) see your skeleton by and conflict accordingly to a variable inlet of battle. All of this is streamlined and simpler, all aided by a sleeker and some-more discerning UI. Hearts of Iron is, however, still one of a many difficult games out there, yet a fun once you’re finally in.

Atlas Reactor (8.5/10)


Atlas Reactor is one of a few online games we can contend many pointless groups will truly work good together. It’s extraordinary how organic a gameplay feels, deliberation that it’s spin formed and on a brief timer. Adding to this is a fact we usually control one impression in a organisation of 4 and a high odds we won’t actively promulgate with a rest of your team. By all accounts, it shouldn’t be as good as it is. What Atlas Reactor does is uncover a organisation what moves are sealed in, vouchsafing we devise formed on that. Of impetus a palliate of content or voice communication is still a best way.

My best impulse in Atlas Reactor was indeed in a pointless group. After a few bad turns we talked by a in-game content chat, formulating plans. In a after spin it looked like a diversion was all yet lost, yet dual players used abilities to drag dual of a rivalry organisation tighten to a third one. A third actor enervated them with an area deleterious skill, that concede me to afterwards finish them. It worked and we managed to use Nix’s (the sniper) special ability to send a outrageous blast, murdering all 3 of a rivalry team, bringing us from dual behind to one up. We took advantage of a numbers to afterwards explain a final indicate for victory.

It’s moments like this that make Atlas Reactor as good as it is. What creates these moments is usually how opposite a characters and their pierce sets are. The permutations of a battles are innumerable, throwing adult so many probable situations. What this means is any and any compare will be opposite and usually as enchanting as a last.

Total War: Warhammer (9/10)

You suspicion I’d lost about this, didn’t you? Don’t lie, we know we were removing prepared to form indignant difference during me. Don’t worry, final yet positively not slightest is Total War: Warhammer. This is indeed my third best devise diversion of a year. Total War: Warhammer is also a initial Total War diversion to try into anticipation domain and it’s all a improved for it.

Creative Assembly have proven that they’re a developer we can trust. The glorious Alien Isolation was explanation enough, yet a genuine covenant to a studio is a Total War franchise. This is quite loyal when we realize usually how many post-launch work they’ve finished on some titles (Rome 2 and a contingent Emperor Edition) to move them adult to a customary they want. Total War: Warhammer didn’t need this many yet as it was illusory out of a gate.

Huge ogres that building over a battlefield, a clap of a undead society as they impetus brazen and horrific monstrosities that order over a sky unequivocally move to life a anticipation of Warhammer. It’s considerable usually how they’ve got such a operation of units, with a abilities they have, to work within a game’s battles. Even out of conflict a ideal differences between factions are some-more conspicuous than ever before. It’s a science behind Warhammer that unequivocally adds a covering to a game, with alliances and sour enemies inbred into a diversion pulling brazen a fight and a story of any and any one of your games.

Special Mentions

Just looking during a comparison picks alone unequivocally brings home how outrageous a year has been for a genre. Big hitters have taken ‘veni, vidi, vici’ (I came, we saw, we conquered) to heart and lived by it. Any normal year they would have been adequate to keep a genre going strong.

2016 has seen a nearby ideal storm, though, as smaller games (Zombie Night Terror, Halcyon 6) have risen to a plea and even those that had a intensity to tumble prosaic (Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak, Battlefleet Gothic: Armada) have managed to do well. It could be a unequivocally prolonged time before a genre, any genre for that matter, sees a yearly lineup this strong; thankfully, there’s small doubt that a releases of 2016 will keep us going for years to come.

It’s astray that so many titles have been left out when any other year they would have stood tall. 2016 has been built with so many illusory games and I’d write about them all if we could, yet sadly I’m usually a obese tellurian who needs sustenance. Here are some of a other strong, good and even shining devise games of a year. Every singular one of them is value your time and attention, any of them suitable for a best devise games list:

  • Fire Emblem Fates (8.4/10)
  • Stellaris (official site)
  • Homeworld: Deserts of Kharak (7.2/10)
  • Cossacks 3 (official site)
  • Halcyon 6: Starbase Commander (official site)
  • Nobunaga’s Ambition: Sphere of Influence – Ascension (8/10)
  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada (7.2/10)
  • The Banner Saga 2 (official site)
  • Zombie Night Terror (8/10)
  • Worms W.M.D (official site)

If there’s anything we consider I’ve missed, feel giveaway to scream during me in a comments. While you’re during it, expel your opinion in a Reader’s Awards poll!

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