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Wccftech’s Best Indie Games of 2016 – Big Ideas From Small Teams

Other entries in a ‘Best of 2016’ series: Strategy, RPG, Shooter, Racing, Action/Adventure

2016 was a marquee year for video games entrance from tiny and eccentric studios. There was a different operation of titles that explored genres over only a presence or platformer genres. While no titles in 2016 had a same informative impact as final year’s Undertale, there are still some good games that can rivet a actor in ways that can rouse their particular genres to new heights.

We’ve comparison these titles as a best indie games launched in 2016. You can opinion for your personal favorite in a Reader’s Awards poll.

The Witness (9.2/10)

Jonathan Blow’s prolonged awaited nonplus knowledge finally saw a recover on a digital landscape behind in Jan of this year. With a colourful landscape and mechanics that built not on account toolsets, though a player’s possess cognition, The Witness was a jubilant story square that indispensable no difference to report a depth. Even after a actor has finished each grid nonplus there is to see, a whole combined covering of environmental puzzles change a proceed a actor views a landscape.

Darkest Dungeon (8.6/10)

Few games make discuss to a horrors that characters go through, many reduction spin that into a core automechanic of gameplay. Darkest Dungeon’s brutally tough problem joined with an always accumulating Stress turn customarily forced players out of their comfort section with an determined celebration and examination with radical tactics. Parties are an underused proceed to roguelikes and no other diversion this year creates we worry about regulating adult your final flame in utterly a same way.

Severed (9/10)

Drinkbox Studio’s graphic tone palette forsaken a luchador facade for something some-more genealogical oriented. With a touch-driven fight that felt like a correct RPG delivery of Fruit Ninja, Severed was a cave crawler that felt right during home on only about any device with a hold screen. This gloomy story of punish left Sasha with one arm, one sword, and all a right collection to accurate atonement on those that took her family from her.

Oxenfree (9.4/10)

Ghost stories don’t always have to include of antagonistic burst scares to keep a assembly in suspense. Sometimes, building a clever account with plausible characters can be adequate to ride we into a novella and assistance a spectator empathise with a characters’ plight. Oxenfree creates a actor feel relatable to a goings-on of Edwards Island and some top-notch voice behaving creates it all a some-more believable.

The Banner Saga 2

Picking adult only moments after a events of a initial Banner Saga (Chapter 8, for those of we gripping lane during home), players were bearing into a issue of a good conflict and carrying to understanding with a repercussions that follow. This delay kept all of a things that done a strange Banner Saga good (narrative, animation, and tactical fight systems) and pensive a actor with another gloomy story of presence in a vicious and revengeful anticipation world.

Inside (8/10)

Limbo done players doubt a dim and a childhood horrors that kept them adult during night. Developers Playdead strove to try what forms of narratives can be told in a 2d platformer and, for a many part, strike a right outlines while invoking themes of presence and giveaway will. While it comes to an sudden finish before a story can truly get going, Inside is one of a many noted games of 2016 that can be played in a singular afternoon.

Obduction (8/10)

Proving that journey games in a capillary of Myst and Riven aren’t dead, Obduction brought behind that informed gambit of point-and-click puzzles while infusing a journey with something visitor and unfamiliar. Some opening hitches keep Obduction from apropos an present classic, though those looking to give their mind a correct examination competence be means to pardon a shortcomings.

Firewatch (9.2/10)

Being a timberland ranger out in Wyoming isn’t something that tops a list of sparkling video diversion jobs. Taking on that purpose and building adult a attribute with Delilah quite over a walkie talkie outlines one of a many noted stories of 2016. There’s so many dark off a beaten trail that players can always find something new in steady playthroughs of Firewatch, including maybe anticipating a turtle messenger whom we exclude to commend by any name other than Turt Reynolds.

Honorable Mentions

Just meaningful that Frog Fractions 2 has finally seen a recover in 2016 makes this one of a best years for indie games. Smaller studios have been gaining movement over a past few years and there are no signs of negligence down as new players enter a growth stage and a likes of important visionaries like Ken Levine withdrawal a AAA growth stage to concentration on smaller oriented titles. Here’s a garland of titles that only missed a best indie games shortlist.

  • Glittermitten Grove
  • Hyper Light Drifter
  • Stardew Valley
  • Starr Mazer: DSP
  • Thumper
  • Virginia

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