Published On: Thu, Dec 22nd, 2016

Wccftech’s 2016 Top iOS Apps & Games – Here’s a Complete List

We saw a lot of good apps and games come out for iOS in 2016. But it’s rather tough to mangle things down into a tiny list of 3 for any category. But still, we managed to do it, and here’s our top picks for 2016.

2016 Was a Solid Year for Apps Games on iOS – Here’s Our Top Picks

There are going to be names that are rather obvious, while during a same time those who didn’t make it onto a list. We had a singular volume of space to fill in though still managed to squeeze in a best of a best. So though serve ado, let’s start with a games category, kicking things off with a favorite – Pokemon GO.

Top 3 iOS Games of 2016

Pokemon GO – Free

Pokemon GO took a universe by charge and managed to boyant on tip of a charts for a good few weeks. Although a hype died down quickly, a game’s singular take on protracted existence is something that we haven’t witnessed in many apps and games, solely for maybe Ingress.

Download Pokemon GO for iOS.

Super Mario Run – Free

Nintendo solidified a entrance into a mobile space with a recover of Super Mario Run. The singular take of permitting users to play a diversion with only one palm is a topping on a cake. But that’s not all, a diversion even managed to hillside in 40 million downloads in only 4 days. Now that’s something.

Download Super Mario Run for iOS.

Clash Royale – Free

I know what we are meditative right now, though we can’t repudiate a fact Clash Royale managed to take a mobile gaming universe by storm. It offers fun gameplay, just-enough graphics and loads of party value. But be warned: while a diversion is free, once we get addicted, we will expected bake by those in-app purchases like wildfire.

Download Clash Royale for iOS.

Top 3 iOS Apps of 2016

Prisma – Free

It would have been really astray if Prisma didn’t make it onto this list for a far-reaching accumulation of reasons. First and foremost, it’s a many singular print filters app we have seen. Secondly, it utilizes synthetic comprehension in sequence to request filters. Last though not a least: it’s free. Please tell me where did a app go wrong?

Download Prisma for iOS.

PhotosScan – Free

Google knows what’s adult when it comes to creation mobile apps. Their PhotoScan app, notwithstanding being really immature on a App Store, manages to solve an age aged problem like a boss: spin printed photos into digital copies. If we do not have PhotoScan on your iPhone right now, afterwards it’s protected to contend we are not doing it right.

Download PhotoScan for iOS.


Gboard – Free

Gboard is a smashing small keyboard from Google that puts a energy of hunt within your thumb’s reach. You can hunt for anything, including GIFs true from any app. How cold is that? And to tip things off, it’s giveaway as well, creation it a must-download for anyone.

Download Gboard for iOS.

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