Published On: Tue, Jul 14th, 2015

WCCFtech Deals: 50% Off ZeroLemon 20000mAh Solarjuice

Ever wish to strap a appetite of a Sun? Me too, generally for permitting for a purify approach to assistance keep my mobile inclination using but interruption. Even yet we substantially should put down your phone when enjoying a good camping trip, that doesn’t meant we should let it die completely. That would be irresponsible.

ZeroLemon is substantially a top peculiarity affordable solar charging resolution there is. And we have a ZeroLemon solar horse with 1.2W ability solar panels and a 20,000mAh battery  just watchful to make your gadgets happy for 50% off during $49.99.


Many heat, unequivocally degrees, most energy. ZeroLemon, keep your inclination charged, even in a pouring rain.

The Sun unequivocally does have a power, adequate to assign dual high ability phones twice over, during least. That and a solar panels are supportive adequate to recharge in a unequivocally reasonable volume of time. That and it’s rugged, so we can suffer tasty powah in all conditions, from a snowy tundra to a rise of Olympus Mons. It competence not be supportive adequate to work on Pluto, however.

Here on Earth, though, we can suffer good purify and immature solar appetite for $49.99. Why not go immature this summer and suffer those beautiful rays in some-more than one way?

ZeroLemon Solarjuice features:

  • Top Grade A cell, built-in 20000mAh Lithium Polymer battery charges around a absolute 1.2W monocrystalline solar panel
  • Dual outlay allows for coexisting charging of mixed inclination during high speeds
  • Anti-explosion, lightweight, compact, and reliable
  • 1000+ recharge cycles over a life of a battery
  • Solar charging capabilities with any light condition
  • 4 LED indicators reflecting charging discharging process
  • Fast charging 2.1 1A appetite outlay for limit iOS Android assign rates (more than 7x assign for iPhone 6)
  • Ultrabright LED flashlight

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