Published On: Wed, Aug 26th, 2020

Waymo’s Boris Sofman and TuSimple’s Xiaodi Hou to join us during TC Sessions: Mobility 2020

One of a areas of unconstrained pushing record with a many intensity to have a near-term and thespian impact stays trucking: There’s a flourishing miss of drivers for long-haul routes, and highway trucking stays a comparatively basic (though still really challenging) form of pushing for AV systems to tackle.

Many companies are posterior a plea of unconstrained trucking, though TuSimple and Waymo are heading a pack. TuSimple CTO Dr. Xiaodi You, who co-founded a association in 2015, and Waymo’s Boris Sofman, who leads a company’s unconstrained trucking engineering efforts, will both join us during TC Sessions: Mobility on a practical stage. The eventuality takes place Oct 6-7, and we’re vehement to hear from these dual record leaders operative during a forefront of a industry.

TuSimple has achieved a lot given a entrance 5 years ago, including recently laying a grounds for a U.S.-wide network of shipping routes in partnership with UPS, Xpress, food use supply association McLane and Penske Truck Leasing. The association is also seeking a large new appropriation turn to assistance it scale, while actively contrast with unchanging routes between Arizona and Texas.

Waymo, that originated during Google as that company’s self-driving automobile plan before spinning out underneath primogenitor entity Alphabet, adding self-driving trucks to a list of technologies it’s building in 2017. Sofman assimilated in 2019, when Waymo hired on most of a engineering talent from his before company, intelligent fondle robotics builder Anki. Sofman’s resume also includes building off-road unconstrained vehicles, that expected comes in accessible as Waymo seeks to hurl out contrast of a unconstrained long-haul trucks opposite Texas and New Mexico.

In box you’re wondering, this won’t only be one prolonged webinar. We have some technical tricks adult a sleeves that will move all of what you’d design from a in-person events, from a ominous panels and provocative one-on-one interviews to a networking and even a pitch-off session. While practical isn’t a same as a events in a past, it has supposing one large benefit: democratizing access.

If you’re a startup or financier formed in Europe, Africa, Australia, South America or another segment in a U.S., we can listen in, network and bond with other participants here in Silicon Valley.

Get your tickets for TC Sessions: Mobility to hear from Bryan Salesky, along with several other illusory speakers from Porsche, Waymo, Lyft and more. Tickets are only $145 for a singular time, with discounts for groups, students and exhibiting startups. We wish to see we there!

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