Published On: Mon, Sep 25th, 2017

Waymo clarifies it indeed wants $1.8 billion from Uber

Last week, Uber’s authorised group told Judge William Alsup that Waymo was seeking $2.6 billion for an allegedly stolen trade tip associated to a company’s unconstrained car efforts. Over a weekend, Waymo filed a request with a justice observant that a scold figure was actually  $1.859 billion.

It’s not transparent because this clearly critical fact was left uncorrected for scarcely a week. The filing also includes some additional construction around a approach in that a indemnification figure was calculated.

Though Waymo is arguing that 9 trade secrets were put in danger by Anthony Levandowski, it is seeking a limit of $1.8 billion in damages. That figure is a value that Waymo is attributing to a singular trade tip — trade tip 25. The other 8 secrets are being away valued during reduction than $1.8 billion. Consequently, Waymo is capping a indemnification during a value of a many profitable compromised trade secret.

Waymo’s attorneys note that a $1.8 billion figure was distributed formed on an guess of “Uber’s unfair improvement from Uber’s trade tip misappropriation.” Waymo continues that a indemnification are formed on Uber’s possess profitability forecasts of deploying unconstrained vehicles into a ridesharing business.

This Wednesday is a final pre-trial discussion before jury selection. However, a tangible start date of a hearing is still in question. Judge Alsup is set to confirm either a hearing should start on Oct 10 as now scheduled or December 5, a date Waymo’s authorised group requested. Waymo is pulling for a prolongation to puncture by additional evidence. Meanwhile, Uber believes Waymo is stalling and would cite to hang to a existent schedule.

The footnote clarifying a indemnification Waymo is seeking is remarkable in full below.

Two days ago, Uber’s lead warn told a Court that Waymo is seeking for $2.6 billion in indemnification for one trade secret. (Dkt. 1723, 9/20/17 Public Hrg. during 73:25-74:10.) That is false. Waymo is seeking for $1.859 billion for Trade Secret 25 (not $2.6 billion) and reduction for a remaining trade secrets. Furthermore, Waymo’s numbers are not additive; if a jury finds that Defendants wasted each asserted trade secret, Waymo still usually seeks $1.859 billion.

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