Published On: Fri, Apr 5th, 2019

Watch Out, There Are Fake Switch Joy-Con About

Some real, central Joy-Con for your observation pleasure
Some real, central Joy-Con for your observation pleasure

With a Nintendo Switch clearly flourishing in recognition by a day, it will frequency come as a warn to many of we that there are feign controllers knocking about, anticipating to money in by charity a cheaper choice to a genuine deal.

Some fakes can be speckled instantly, and some third-party controllers are strictly protected and ideally protected to use with your console, though others competence means some-more of an issue. While unchanging readers of a site – who no doubt know what each millimetre of a Switch looks like – will be means to see a differences, those looking to buy accessories for their friends or family might not.

As such, we feel it value promulgation out a accessible sign that controllers such as these next will not have been authorized by Nintendo and could means repairs to your system. These ‘fake’ Joy-Con use a same colour intrigue as a genuine understanding and even offer a same facilities – including rumble, sensor functions, and a ability to bond to a categorical tablet.

eBay listing

There are copiousness of identical fakes watchful for gullible business on sites such as eBay. We found all of a following products on a initial page of hunt formula for ‘Joy-Con’.


If you’re looking to collect adult some controllers for your Switch, or maybe for a friend, we’ve got a full beam to a best (and safely official) controllers we can get your hands on.

Be careful, folks!

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