Published On: Thu, Jan 26th, 2017

Watch Microsoft Accelerator London’s Demo Day Here

TechCrunch is gratified to offer Microsoft Accelerator’s London Demo Day currently during 4:00 p.m. GMT, 8:00 a.m. PST.

The Microsoft Accelerator is a six-month module directed during assisting entrepreneurs scale to tellurian markets. There are 7 accelerators located around a world, from Seattle to Beijing, from London to Tel-Aviv. The Microsoft Accelerator in London has a different brew of companies opposite several industries in collection 6.

The whole event, called Gallery of a Future, consists of alumni presentations, talks, and record demos in further to a conspirator demos. Investors and press will hear pitches from 8 companies. Each group will have dual mins to benefaction their business followed by questions from a judge and afterwards a doubt from a audience. You can watch it right here:


  • CoScale: A association from Ghent, Belgium, that has built a forecasting module that alerts a user when anomalies are detected. It has 19 employees.
  • MBA Co: A organisation from London that uses a internet to compare companies with eccentric consultants. It has a 30-person staff.
  • True AI: Based in London, True AI has grown an online bot that can speak to humans, creation patron use semi-automatic. It has 4 employees.

    • Appiness: A organisation formed in Aalst, Belgium, that has grown dual programs designed to mark objects in TV programmes and films (such as T-shirts, lamps, sofas etc) and offer information on where to buy them. It employs 17 people.
    • Eva Diagnostics: Multi-award-winning association that has combined a handheld health guard for people vital with cancer, anaemia and polycythemia. The product can be used during home and usually needs a singular dump of blood from a finger prick. The organisation has 12 full-time workers and 5 consultants.
    • Firefly Learning: An online apparatus that brings together teachers, students and parents. It has offices in London and Sydney, Australia, and employs 45 people.
    • Hippo Data: Predominantly used in financial trading, Hippo Data uses appurtenance training and synthetic comprehension to fast analyse vast amounts of information and envision what will occur in a future. The association is formed in Malta and has staffs 7 people
    • Hadean: Claiming to be a usually record in a universe that can facilely analyse any distance of information set. Hadean is formed in London and employs 6 people


Featured Image: Matt Brown/Flickr UNDER A CC BY 2.0 LICENSE

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