Published On: Wed, Mar 29th, 2017

Watch Dogs 2 To Get Four Player Co-op for Free in June

Ubisoft announced a central Watch Dogs 2 calm roadmap for this year. Each month from Apr to Jun will broach giveaway content, final with “support for a 4-player celebration to try a city and play activities together”.

Meanwhile, this month Watch Dogs 2 will get a new PvP 2v2 group mode, Showdown; a drone, motocross, and eKart races are also removing multiplayer functionality finish with leaderboards. New, incidentally appearing “loot truck” events plea we to penetrate an armored automobile while fighting off a reinforcements, and smaller additions – including new wardrobe equipment and tweaks such as a quick-swap underline for weapons – are rolled into a giveaway refurbish as well.

The paid DLC No Compromise will also launch on PlayStation 4, featuring a code new DedSec Operation called Moscow Gambit, 6 new single-player time trials and dual new nonlethal weapons: a Air Shotgun (which can also pierce cars and other objects) and a Taser Sniper Rifle. No Compromise also includes 3 new puncture services packs, with new vehicles and outfits that let Marcus dress adult as a military officer, firefighter, or paramedic. Each outfit and car adds a new ability that lets protagonist Marcus impact NPC function and do formerly unfit things.

In May, a giveaway calm refurbish will embody a new seamless PvE event, seamless PvP support for a Armored Truck feature, vital improvements to a leaderboards interface and other fixes.

Watch Dogs 2 launched in Nov 2016. In a review, Rosh talked rarely of a sequel:

[…]even when we don’t know what is going on, a gameplay itself stands adult and is so deeply beguiling that we can play roughly any goal and have lots of fun. This is an open universe diversion that like Saints Row, has come out from underneath Grand Theft Auto’s shade and exists on a own. With extraordinary mechanics, desirous characters and some honestly suspicion inspiring missions, Watch_Dogs 2 should be on a Christmas list of any actor that wants to quarrel back.

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