Published On: Wed, Mar 6th, 2019

Wargroove Gets Huge Version 1.2.0 Patch On Switch Today


Just final month, Wargroove developer Chucklefish betrothed and minute a peculiarity of life patch for a game. At a time, it was misleading when this patch would arrive, though we’re happy to news that you’ll be means to see all a changes starting from today.

The group has minute these really changes in a blog post (we have them for we down below) and records that a refurbish should be going live during 13.00 GMT / 14.00 CET / 05.00 PST / 08.00 EST. So, let’s take a demeanour during a changes, shall we?

Checkpoint system:

  • While personification in debate mode, we can set a checkpoint in a mission
  • If we are defeated, we can retry from a checkpoint
  • You can set a checkpoint whenever we want, though we can usually have one active during a time (the prior gets overwritten)

Difficulty complement overhaul:

  • Five problem presets, Story, Easy, Medium, Hard (Default) and Custom
  • Hard problem is a default, and is a customary manners of a game. It’s a usually mode where we can obtain S-ranks
  • Medium problem is a bit easier and still lets we obtain adult to 3 stars
  • Easy boundary we during 2 stars
  • Story boundary we during 1 star, and is VERY easy


  • You can now supplement CPU players to online games
  • There’s now a summary clarifying that we contingency join a compare if we don’t have any in progress
  • A series of fixes to Quick Play timers
  • You can no longer postpone Quick Play matches and play other games in a meanwhile, given they’re ostensible to be realtime
  • Seven maps designed privately for commune have been added
  • Fix emanate where user’s couldn’t get into Online multiplayer
  • Fix emanate were categorical menu could not be invoked during opponent’s/AI turn

General Quality of Life

  • The efficacy draft on section info and partisan screens has been reworked to be distant some-more entertaining and informative
  • Skipping battles, captures and cutscenes is now most faster
  • Display a S arrange mandate on a overview shade for a mission
  • “Exit” has been renamed to “Suspend” to equivocate confusion
  • You can now see teams on a Overview screen
  • Fix general content submit on Switch
  • Display a Controller Select Applet on Switch reduction often
  • Add Korean font
  • Resigning will now destroy all units concurrently instead of one during a time

New options:

  • Add “Movement Speed” choice that concede we to set all units to pierce faster
  • Add “Confirm End Turn” choice to equivocate random finish of turn
  • Add “Damage Range” choice to arrangement smallest and limit repairs on previews, instead of normal damage

Fog of War:

  • Allies now share vision
  • Eliminated players can still see their group vision; separated teams turn spectators
  • Spectators can perspective a stream team’s vision
  • Hide rivalry income and funds
  • Don’t parent effects or uncover building colours inside haze of war
  • Don’t uncover conflict and constraint animations unless during slightest one of a units is manifest to a stream player
  • Fog of War now updates faster
  • Fix “sonar” bug that authorised we to obtain additional information within haze of war
  • Fix allies being means to pierce units into any other and apropos stuck

Phew! On tip of all this, there are also a series of fixes and tweaks that have been included. If you’re interested, feel giveaway to check out a full blog post here.

Have we been enjoying your time with Wargroove? Excited for a update? Let us know in a comments below.

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