Published On: Sun, Sep 17th, 2017

Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon Expansion Gets 22 Minutes Gameplay Video

Digital Extremes showcased lots of new gameplay for a arriving Warframe enlargement ‘Plains of Eidolon‘, due for recover after this year on all platforms.

This will be a initial open universe section combined to a free-to-play game. As we competence recall, we’ve posted an disdainful talk with Senior Community Coordinator Megan Everett a while back; check it out here if we missed it. Digital Extremes also common an updated fact sheet, that we can find below.

warframe_eidolonRelated Digital Extremes on Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon and Beyond

Digital Extremes has combined a largest enlargement for Warframe yet with The Plains of Eidolon, a first-ever Open Zone update. In this totally new instruction for Warframe, we will try a immeasurable coastal landscapes of Eidolon’s plains in your possess time, in your possess way, and learn a bustling city full of NPCs with their possess stories to tell, motives, quirks, and quests to offer. The city of Cetus is a temporary basecamp for scavengers famous as Ostrons who’ve done The Bleeding Tower their home, and it’s filled with activity and surprise. In this measureless and beautiful new landscape, you’ll be challenged to achieve a new Warframe and new weapons, rivet in new story elements, and to soar by a sky regulating a Archwing. But beware — when night falls, even a invading Grineer rush as whatever perished in a Old War still lurks during night.


plainsofeidolon3Related Warframe’s Plains of Eidolon Expansion Is The Game’s First Open Zone ‘Landscape’

  • Open Zones: A Warframe Paradigm Shift
    • Explore, discover, fight, tour and fly through Warframe in a approach we have never gifted before. While prior Warframe missions have been set in sealed environments with linear missions, in Plains of Eidolon you will set feet in a landscape incomparable than anything before — and you’re giveaway to try it on your possess terms.
  • New RPG Elements: Meet a Inhabitants of a Origin System
    • Never before have Tenno encountered a people whose lives they have saved, until now. Meet a Ostrons, a temporary organisation of scavengers whose enlightenment revolves around a unusual harvesting of biomechanical hankie from prolonged asleep Orokin Towers. Seek missions, storylines, and news from a workers, scavengers, women, and children in city and knowledge how a ongoing fight and a ravages of a Grineer have influenced and made their lives.
  • More than a Mission
    • In further to finding and exploring, we will rivet in an collection of missions to find and arrange new Warframes and weapons, equipment and more. Expect to tag on Archwing for atmosphere travel and battle, and examination with customizing and modding your Warframe like never before. Also, if we have ever wanted to knowledge a good outdoor as an angler, we can fish in a rivers and streams. The some-more existential doubt is, what will we catch?
    • The Plains of a Eidolon offers a clarity of discovery, variety, and poser that mixes several opposite environments and tones to emanate a low clarity of place. You will knowledge a bristling new universe in that you’ll feel a breeze rustling opposite your syandana and a age and distance of hulk Sentient structures ominously appearing in a background, you’ll see and hear wildlife drifting above and scurrying for food, and you’ll knowledge a diurnal/nocturnal complement with rising and environment sun, a continue system, and more. The universe will be some-more alive than ever before.

You also will see:

  • Awe-inspiring, relaxed day-time view of a coastal plains
  • The gory, makeshift, scavenger enlightenment of a Ostrons
  • Haunted and puzzling night with Spectral Sentients amidst a Sentient Ruins

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