Published On: Thu, Jan 17th, 2019

Wandersong DLC Unlikely As Creator Moves Onto New Projects

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The side-scrolling low-pitched journey Wandersong has had extensive success given it was expelled in Sep final year. On a Switch front, a diversion outperformed a Steam version, offered scarcely 3 times as many copies.

In an talk with LootPots, a designer behind this pretension Greg Lobanov was asked about a probability of DLC being combined to a game. He explained how additional calm would usually make clarity if there was a “new story to tell” and right now, all was where it should be:

“As distant as a story goes, we feel it like it ends in a unequivocally good place. we don’t unequivocally feel like we wish to worry a characters any some-more or ask them anything else. we feel like they’re flattering set. If we had a unequivocally clever thought for DLC, and maybe it’ll occur down a road, maybe I’ll change my mind about it. But right now all is good, where it should be.”

In terms of what’s subsequent for Lobanov, it would seem he is already operative on mixed new projects:

“I’m indeed operative on, as of yesterday, 3 opposite games though some some-more apparently than others. We only announced my next, kinda Wandersong-ish follow-up [drawdog], that is going to be a diversion about a dog that paints. I’m also collaborating on a integrate of other smaller things.

When asked if his subsequent diversion would come to a Nintendo Switch, this was his reply:

“We don’t know yet. we would be unequivocally vehement for it to come to a Switch, though we would contend we can’t contend for certain yet.”

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