Published On: Thu, Apr 11th, 2019

Vote For Your Favourite Game Boy Games!


Next week – 21st Apr to be accurate – is a 30th anniversary of arguably a many iconic square of hardware in a story of video gaming. Speak to someone who knows absolutely nothing about diversion consoles and they’ll still be means to name a Nintendo Game Boy and many substantially alarm a balance to Tetris too. Its ubiquity in a early ’90s meant it became shorthand for gaming in general, partial of a informative fabric in a approach that few other pieces of hardware can claim.

Next week we’ll be edition several new articles in jubilee of a common handheld, and digging by a repository to find a really best of a formerly published features. We’ll also be posting a ‘Top 50 Game Boy Games’ essay along a lines of a prior 50 Best Switch Games So Far and 50 Best 3DS Games features.

As with those selections, a ranking will be wholly formed on User Ratings from a Nintendo Life Games database, so readers can rate any diversion they like and after a smallest threshold has been reached, that diversion afterwards becomes authorised for a list according to a altogether rating. This has worked good for a prior lists, and we’ve seen some engaging changes as a liquid ranking fluctuates over time. Of course, 3DS and Switch have copiousness of user ratings already, yet going behind 30 years it’s unavoidable that Game Boy games usually have a fraction of votes compared to some-more complicated systems.

That’s where we come in! We’ve updated a database to embody all Game Boy titles that saw a recover in a west, so in credentials for a 30th anniversary we’d adore for we to rate your favourites regulating a specifically designed apparatus below.

Assuming you’re logged in, simply corkscrew by a alphabetical list and click a star to move adult a rating of 1-10. Click on a measure we consider it deserves and you’re all done! If scrolling by 6 pages of a Game Boy’s estimable library feels too most like work, simply use a hunt bar during a tip of a list to find your favourites and rate them from a list of results. Lovely!

If we need a sign on a sold game, feel giveaway to click a diversion pretension and check out a reviews and screenshots. However, bear in a mind that many of them won’t have been rereleased on Virtual Console and therefore might not have a Nintendo Life examination to their name – a Game Boy’s over double a age of a site, remember! A Wikipedia couple on a diversion page should hopefully pursuit your memory, though.

So, what are we watchful for? Get stranded in!

It’s formidable to trust that 30 years have upheld given Game Boy altered a unstable gaming landscape forever. Thanks for voting – we’ll be pity a results, a memories and some-more subsequent week, yet in a meantime feel giveaway to reminisce below…

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