Published On: Wed, Feb 7th, 2018

Voice assistants import in on Super Bowl LII

Today outlines a 52nd Super Bowl, and utterly a bit has altered given that initial large game. Then, it was called a AFL-NFL World Championship Game. In 1967, a cost of a film sheet was $1.25, and tone TV was only starting to turn popular.

Today, some-more than fifty years later, we can now tide a large diversion to a slot computers and have artificially intelligent assistants sitting around in a homes to keep us adult to date on predictions.

That said, a 3 large voice assistants seem to have a opposite proceed on presaging who will win a Super Bowl today.

Apple’s Siri is personification it straight. When asked who will win a Super Bowl, she simply responds with data:

“I’m conference that a Patriots are adored to kick a Eagles by 4.5 points.”

Google Assistant, on a other hand, doesn’t seem to wish to plant a dwindle in a sand. The voice-powered AI has a few opposite responses to a doubt of who will win a large game, any reduction ominous than a last.

  • “Both teams are inspired for victory, that is important. While a players will be withdrawal all on a field, we wish we to leave zero in a chip bowl.”
  • “All we can contend is it’s going to be fierce. At some point, both quarterbacks will scream ‘Kill! Kill! Kill!’ and call an audible, though don’t be afraid. You’re not in any danger.”
  • “I don’t have any answers though we can quietly contend this: we envision a touchdown within a initial sixty minutes.”

In any of these 3 responses, a voice of Google Assistant is accompanied by resounding crowds. Which, let’s be honest, creates these responses even some-more ridiculous.

This brings us, finally, to Amazon Echo. When seeking Alexa who will win a Super Bowl, Amazon has motionless to take their voice partner in a some-more tellurian direction. Pats fans, prop yourselves!

“The group adored to win is a (cough). Is a (cough). Excuse me. Is a Patriots. (Clears throat.) That was tough to get out. But I’m drifting with a Eagles on this one since of their relentless invulnerability and a movement they’ve been roving off their loser status. E-A-G-L-E-S! Eagles!”

Funny enough, Amazon is anything though an loser and some-more aptly represented by a Patriots than by a Eagles.

But, in any case, we should have some fun chatting it adult with your favorite AI before a game. Unless it’s Siri. That’s only boring.

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