Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

VLC Media Player Being Considered For Nintendo Switch

VLC is an glorious program, though we don’t see what good it would be on a Switch. Unless people wish to duplicate video files from their PCs to their Switch.

On a other hand, we really most do like carrying some-more video app options on a device. we privately wish Crunchyroll, Netflix and

I do know because some people have no seductiveness in those services, though we do and we am not alone in it. we have several people on my friends list who frequently use their Switch for YouTube. At slightest one of them already has pushed several hundred hours into it.

Hopping on a Switch is most faster than booting my PC up, and admittedly we like regulating it to watch videos while we do my business on a toilet as well. (there is your TMI for a day)

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