Published On: Mon, Feb 24th, 2020

Vivo beats Samsung for 2nd mark in Indian smartphone market

Samsung, that once led a smartphone marketplace in India, slid to a third position in a entertain that finished in December, even as a South Korean hulk continues to make vital bets on a singular handset marketplace that is still growing. 158 million smartphones shipped in India in 2019, adult from 145 million a year before, according to investigate organisation Counterpoint.

Chinese organisation Vivo surpassed Samsung to turn a second biggest smartphone businessman in India in Q4 2019. Xiaomi, with authority over 27% of a market, confirmed a tip symbol in a republic for a tenth uninterrupted quarter.

Vivo’s annual smartphone conveyance grew 76% in 2019. The Chinese firm’s assertive positioning of a bill S array of smartphones — labelled between $100 to $150 (the honeyed symbol in India) — in a section and trebuchet marketplace and acceptance of e-commerce sales helped it kick Samsung, pronounced Counterpoint analysts.

Vivo’s marketplace share jumped 132% between Q4 of 2018 and Q4 of 2019, according to a investigate firm.

Realme, that spun out of Chinese smartphone builder Oppo, claimed a fifth spot. Oppo insincere a fourth position.

Samsung has dramatically lowered prices of some of a handsets in a republic and also introduced smartphones with internal features, but it is struggling to contest with an army of Chinese smartphone makers. The association did not respond to a ask for comment.

Realme has taken a Indian marketplace by storm. The two-year-old organisation has replicated Xiaomi’s playbook in a republic and so distant focused on offering aggressively low-cost Android smartphones online.

Vivo and Oppo, on a other hand, have over a years stretched to smaller cities and towns in a republic and inked deals with merchants. The companies have offering merchants fat elect to incentivize them to foster their handsets over those of a rivals.

Xiaomi, that entered India 6 years ago, sole handsets exclusively by online channels to cut overhead, though has given determined participation in about 10,000 section and trebuchet stores (including some by partnership with large sell chains). The association pronounced in Sep final year that it had shipped 100 million smartphones in a country.

India surpasses a U.S.

The report, expelled late Friday (local time), also states that India, with 158 million smartphone shipments in 2019, took over a U.S. in annual smartphone conveyance for a initial time.

India, that was already a world’s second largest smartphone marketplace for sum handset implement base, is now also a second largest marketplace for annual conveyance of smartphones.

Tarun Pathak, a comparison researcher during Counterpoint, told TechCrunch that about 150 million to 155 million smartphone units were shipped in a U.S. in 2019.

As smartphone shipments decrease in many countries, India has emerged as a singular marketplace where people are still display good ardour for new handsets. There are scarcely half a billion smartphones in use in a republic currently — though some-more than half a billion people in a republic are nonetheless to get one.

The nation’s negligence economy, however, is understandably creation a symbol on a smartphone marketplace as well. The Indian smartphone marketplace grew by 8.9% final year, compared to 10% in a prior year.

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