Published On: Tue, Feb 25th, 2020

Video: Watch The Adorable Moment 7-Year-Old Simone Lim Became A Pokémon Junior Champion

Simone Lim

This weekend saw a 2020 Pokémon Oceania International Championship Finals take place Melbourne, Australia, with magnificently learned trainers holding to a theatre to contest for Poké-glory. One of a standout stories from a eventuality was a final compare of a Junior division, that you’re about to see for yourself.

Seven-year-old Simone Lim has taken a Pokémon village by charge after handling an considerable win over Justin Miranda-Radbord, a top-seed actor roughly twice her age. The win is quite fantastic interjection to an considerable review of play; Simone rightly likely that Justin would Protect his Rhyperior, withdrawal his Dusclops open to attack. This meant that Simone’s final possibility – a Tyranitar – could be used to take down both of Justin’s remaining Pokémon.

You can see that final impulse in a shave below.

If you’re interested, we can indeed see a whole eventuality in this video, too. If we watch from a 4:53:55 mark, we can check out Simone’s darling feat interview:

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