Published On: Tue, Mar 19th, 2019

Video: Watch 23 Minutes Of Untitled Goose Game Footage From GDC 2019


Untitled Goose Game is maybe one of a many expected indie titles set to arrive on Switch. Since a exhibit final summer, we’ve seen zero yet adore for a game’s quirky inlet in a criticism sections and a healthy series of a group can’t wait to get stranded in, too.

Sadly, notwithstanding that initial exhibit confirming that it’d recover in “early 2019”, a diversion was recently behind until “later in 2019”. We still don’t know when that means exactly, yet a check proclamation was so honeyed that a growth group was immediately forgiven.

Of course, tomorrow we have nonetheless another Nindies Showcase display to demeanour brazen to – a game’s initial exhibit came from one of these Nindies Showcase videos – so hopefully we’ll get a small some-more info soon. Until then, though, GameSpot has common a stately 23 mins of gameplay footage from GDC 2019; if you’re desperately watchful for a game’s release, make certain to check it out.

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