Published On: Tue, Apr 2nd, 2019

Video: This Yoshi’s Crafted World Tribute Is Made Up Of More Than 34,000 Dominoes

Yoshi’s Crafted World finally arrived on Nintendo Switch. As you’d substantially design from a diversion featuring everyone’s favourite egg-laying dinosaur sidekick, a whole thing’s flattering damn adorable.

As a loyalty to a diversion (or a demo, actually), YouTube user TheDominoKing combined a video adult above. The plan took “around a week of work” and used a whopping 34,788 dominoes in total; it even copies a game’s Flip Side idea, with a camera display both a front and behind of some domestic materials.

You’ll mark a likes of Yoshi himself, Poochy, and even a distraction of a game’s trademark tucked divided in there. We’ve no thought how anyone manages to set something like this adult but incidentally tripping over and ruining a whole thing, so acclamation to you, TheDominoKing!

Have we been personification Yoshi’s Crafted World? How have we been removing on? Let us know in a comments below.

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