Published On: Mon, Dec 23rd, 2019

Video: The ‘Bigger And Better’ Simpsons Hit & Run Sequel We Never Had


Ever given The Simpsons Hit Run crushed a approach onto Nintendo’s GameCube and other platforms behind in 2003, fans have been great out for a sequel. Even now in 2019, a fan-made petition for a Simpsons Hit Run 2 is aggregation some-more signatures than ever, notwithstanding a strange now being 16 years old.

As it happens, a supplement was indeed designed to be grown roughly immediately after a strange was complete. Video diversion researcher Liam Robertson has common a new Game History Secrets video on a DidYouKnowGaming? YouTube channel, diving into a strange game’s growth – and also a prototype The Simpsons: Road Rage – before pity sum on this sadly never-released game.

Initial formulation for this mislaid supplement began during a finish of a strange game’s production. The discussions surrounding a new plan were indeterminate as a studios concerned were nonetheless to see a large success a strange would enjoy, though sounded impossibly promising. As Robertson explains, a supplement would have been “bigger and better”, with a richer turn of detail, increasing leisure for players, and copiousness some-more besides.

If you’re a fan of a game, we’d titillate we to give a video a watch for yourself. You can do only that below.

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