Published On: Tue, Apr 23rd, 2019

Video: SteamWorld Quest’s Launch Trailer Has Us Hyped For Its Release This Week

SteamWorld Quest, a latest complement in a array that has been something of an indie favourite on Nintendo consoles in new years, is only dual days divided from release. To get prepared for a large day, developer Image Form has common an central launch trailer.

With a beautiful looking art and code new turn-based gameplay direction, we didn’t unequivocally need any some-more support to give this one a go, though we’re feeling flattering hyped for a recover after examination a video. It facilities a small bit of everything, from battles to discourse scenes, though a new Nintendo Minute video explored it in a small some-more fact if you’re meddlesome in saying more.

That’s not all, either, as we’ll be pity a full examination of a diversion after today. Make certain to keep checking behind if we wish to see only how good SteamWorld Quest plays.


Are we meditative of picking adult SteamWorld Quest this Thursday? Will we be watchful for a review? Tell us below.

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