Published On: Wed, Apr 8th, 2020

Video: Speedrunner Beats Super Mario Sunshine With A Guitar Hero Controller

supposed Super Mario remasters headed to Switch this year, we’ve been feeling flattering tempted to glow adult a likes of Super Mario Sunshine for another spin. After personification it for an diseased series of hours in a girl we’d like to consider we’re flattering good during a diversion by now, though this only takes things to a whole other level.

Finnish speedrunner Samura1man, famous for his Mario Sunshine runs and a prior universe record hilt for a game, has attempted to kick Mario’s 3D GameCube tour with a Guitar Hero controller. That sounds tough adequate as it is, though he’s even upped a plea by adding a speedrun time to see only how quick he can lift it off.

The whole run is accessible to watch in a video above; amazingly, Samura1man managed to kick a diversion in only over 3 hours. Using a guitar’s clunky buttons to stratagem around a game’s universe and better a strong Bowser looks ridiculously challenging, and there were a satisfactory few deaths along a way, too, though what an achievement.

Perhaps we need to adult a game?

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