Published On: Tue, Dec 24th, 2019

Video: See How Sonic Gets His Shoes In This Latest TV Spot From Paramount

Sonic The Hedgehog

In box we missed a news, Sonic a Hedgehog will be using about in a span of red and white Puma boots in his live-action movie, due out on Valentine’s Day subsequent year. Unlike a games, though, he competence not be wearing his iconic kicks from a get-go.

You see, if a new radio mark expelled by Paramount Pictures Australia is anything to go by, Sonic will accept his famous span of runners during some indicate during a movie. So, in other words, don’t design to see him speeding around in them from a commencement of it.

As James Marsden’s impression explains in a shave above, Sonic struggles to “control” his speed and these boots will assistance him channel it. It’s arrange of identical to how a blue fuzz unlocks and receives shoe upgrades in some of his video games.

Will we be checking this film out during your internal cinema on release? Leave a criticism below.

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