Published On: Tue, Apr 9th, 2019

Video: Rare Beta Footage Of Super Mario 64 And Super Mario RPG Resurfaces Online

Super Mario 64 IMG Cropped

Beta footage of Super Mario 64 and Super Mario RPG: Legend of a Seven Stars has resurfaced on a internet. The clips uploaded by a YouTube channel kukun kun, creatively come from a ’90s Japanese video diversion uncover hosted by Famitsu and are now being common around by The Cutting Room Floor Discord channel and Nintendo subreddit.

Around a six-minute symbol of a initial video, we can see an progressing chronicle of Cool Cool Mountain from Super Mario 64. The mural for this build is a general snow-covered hill, instead of a common snowman painting featured in a final chronicle of a game. Placeholder voices for Mario are benefaction as well. If we keep watching, you’ll see a most younger-looking Shigeru Miyamoto and beta footage of Mario Kart 64, that has already been good documented.

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