Published On: Mon, Apr 15th, 2019

Video: Nintendo Shares Ten Minutes Of Juicy SteamWorld Quest Gameplay

SteamWorld Quest is only 10 days divided from recover on Nintendo Switch. If you’re as vehement as we are, you’ll expected wish to check out this poetic new video from Nintendo Minute.

Featuring around 10 mins of gameplay footage in total, a video takes us by how a game’s rug building works – a code new component for a SteamWorld array – as good as a good demeanour during a battles themselves.

There are several engaging mechanics in play here, including a use of cogs to energy your cards and mixing 3 cards in one conflict to be presented with a reward fourth card, and a whole thing looks like it could be another good entrance into a series. Naturally, we’ll make certain to share a full impressions of a diversion in a examination a small closer to a game’s launch – make certain to keep an eye on a site for that one!

SteamWorld Quest

Are we looking brazen to SteamWorld Quest? Are we a fan of a series? The diversion launches on Nintendo Switch on 25th April.

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