Published On: Wed, Jan 9th, 2019

Video: Learn The Essentials Of Mega Man-Like Platformer Double Cross In This New Upgrades Trailer

Runbow developer 13AM Games’ latest plan Double Cross arrives on Switch tomorrow and, to get we as prepared as probable for a game’s large release, a studio has common with us a code new Upgrades Tutorial trailer.

While personification by a diversion as Zahra, players are means to collect a singular component called Upgradium (purple, floating crystals that we can see in a new video above). Upgradium can be used to customise your character’s abilities such as equipping Zahra with permanent fighting moves, stronger attacks, and other profitable skills indispensable to save a multiverse.

Over a past integrate of days, other videos from 13AM Games have also been shared. If we wish to learn even some-more about a new title, make certain to check out a Investigation Tutorial trailer and a Overview trailer below.

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