Published On: Wed, Mar 27th, 2019

Video: Here’s Your First Proper Look At Dragon Quest XI S Running On Switch


Brand new footage of a arriving Dragon Quest XI S: Echoes of an Elusive Age has been common currently in a Square Enix livestream, and it’s looking rather lovely.

The livestream suggested a whole new call of Japanese voice expel members, some of a additional new facilities players can design to find in a diversion and – of march – some luscious footage of a thing indeed running. Before we get stranded into a video, here are a new facilities mentioned (thanks, Gematsu):

  • Party members will follow we on a field.
  • You can speak directly to celebration members though opening a menu.
  • You can change a song from Orchestra to Synthesizer during any indicate by going to a sound settings in a menu.
  • You can lurch with a ZR button.
  • By regulating a new “Horse Bell” item, we can call your equine during any time.
  • You can now benefit knowledge points when your equine knocks divided an rivalry on a field.
  • You can change a conflict speed to “Normal,” “Fast,” or “Really Fast.”
  • The quests from a 3DS chronicle of Dragon Quest XI in that we revisit a worlds of past Dragon Quest titles will be enclosed in a Switch version, though not though changes.

Now then, onto a video itself. The tide was over an hour prolonged with tiny snippets here and there, though a pivotal sections you’ll expected be meddlesome in are as follows:

  • 42:00 – 3D gameplay, followed by 2D gameplay during 49:07
  • 52:09 – New Features Gameplay, followed by a trainer conflict during 1:00:57

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