Published On: Wed, Apr 24th, 2019

Video: Here’s How Mortal Kombat 11 On Switch Compares To The PS4 Version

Switch MortalKombat11 01

With Mortal Kombat 11 now finally out in a wild, it’s time to see only how good a Switch chronicle truly performs. Luckily, this video next does only that.

You competence remember that, adult until really recently, we had perceived no gameplay footage of a Switch chronicle whatsoever, withdrawal many to be some-more than a small endangered during how it would play when released. Early impressions from those who had played it before launch were promising, though, and it positively seems like we had zero to worry about during all.

In this comparison video, common by a folks over during NintendoWorldReport, we can see a Switch chronicle of a diversion right alongside a PS4 counterpart. There are conspicuous visible differences, quite in a lighting, shadows, and fact in a background, though a Switch chronicle looks good in a possess right and a gameplay itself is really well-spoken indeed.

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