Published On: Wed, Jan 16th, 2019

Video: Ghostbusting Twin-Stick Shooter Dead End Job Gets New Musical Trailer

Dead End Job; we wish you’re prepared to (ghost) bust a pierce to this one.

The low-pitched array above hopes to denote accurately what players will be removing adult to in a game, a procedurally-generated twin-stick shooter that sees we blustering and sucking adult ghosts in equal measure. The trailer isn’t all that’s new, either, as we’ve also perceived this monstrously detailed underline list for we to check out below:

Familiar Haunts
You take on a purpose of Hector Plasm, a workman during Ghoul-B-Gone – ‘the Number One experts in paranormal harassment control’ – as you’re tasked with streamer to condemned offices, restaurants, and other bland buildings before pardon them of neglected guests. One notation you’re sucking adult specters, a subsequent you’re sucking adult to your bosses, chasing that promotion.
Have we got what it takes to be a best during putting pests to rest?

Don’t Suck… Well, Actually Do
Exercise that fighting spirit, given each spirit we obstacle and each proprietor we rescue is combined to your client’s check during a finish of a job. Haunted by a spirit of your mentor, utterly literally, we contingency learn a ropes and to save her essence before she’s forced to spend perpetuity as a spirit (voted “Least Preferred Fate” in Ghost Hunter Monthly).

Kindred Spirits
Play alone or bust ghosts with a friend in dump in / dump out commune that works seamlessly within a categorical adventure. Plus we can play to an assembly with Twitch and Mixer interactivity that allows viewers to assistance or impede your attack on a afterlife.

Ghost Writer
Do we adore 90’s cartoons? Yeah, so do we, and we grew adult on their elastic soft gross-out laughs. Our adore for them spills over into a diversion like so most ectoplasm. See each nose hair in wacky, colourful art that brings bland equipment to life as oddball spooks to siphon up. To tip it off, a whole journey is corroborated by song from a award-winning Will Morton (Grand Theft Auto series).

Dead End Job is scheduled to launch on Nintendo Switch in Q2 2019. We recently common another trailer for a diversion in a round-up of Headup Games titles entrance to Switch this year – make certain to check it out if you’re interested.

Are we hyped for this one? Are we prepared to bust some ghosts on Switch? Tell us what we consider in a comments below.

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