Published On: Fri, Mar 20th, 2020

Video: Check Out DOOM 64’s Brand New DOOM Eternal-Inspired Level

DOOM Eternal tomorrow, they can suffer a rerelease of DOOM 64. A special theatre has been done for this new rerelease and we can now see it in movement for a initial time.

We initial listened about this new turn progressing in a month, when comparison developer James Haley suggested that a new section would be playable in a diversion that ties into a new 2016 DOOM and DOOM Eternal. Back then, he pronounced that “persistent players will have a event to clear a new section in a Doomguy’s saga, holding place shortly after [Doom 64’s] strange debate concludes”.

As it turns out, a tie-in calm appears to revolve around a content shown on execution of a level, that provides a small some-more science relating to both a newer releases and DOOM 64 itself. Of course, a series’ many dedicated fans will get a many out of this small nod.

Will we be grabbing DOOM 64 tomorrow? Will it be your initial playthrough, or are we returning to it for nostalgia’s sake? Tell us below.

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