Published On: Mon, Jan 14th, 2019

Video: Can You Complete Super Mario Odyssey Without Walking?


If there’s one aspect of platforming games that we’d cruise to be positively essential, it’s movement. Whether you’re jumping, running, walking, crouching, ground-pounding, or whatever else we can consider of, you’re roughly always enchanting in some arrange of transformation when personification a platforming game, so what would occur if we forced yourself to try violence a diversion though one of these skills?

Well, YouTuber Ceave Gaming has motionless to do only that in a new video, stability a channel’s trend of completing games in uncanny and dumb ways. To be precise, a diversion in doubt is nothing other than Super Mario Odyssey, and a plea is anticipating to find a approach to finish a categorical diversion though walking – or indeed, touching a left Joy-Con during all.

To do this, an implausible series of tricks and flicks are used to mortar Mario around any Kingdom. Using Cappy throws, backflips, and even a crafty use of camera functions, a video next papers a initial half of this journey. In it, we see a initial 7 worlds be challenged (the rest are entrance in a second video) and, while a plea has destined issues, we’re vacant by how good Ceave Gaming managed to do overall.

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