Published On: Tue, Mar 17th, 2020

Video: 20 Streamers Compete In Zelda: Breath Of The Wild ‘Feed All The Dogs’ $1,000 Speedrun

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of a Wild as a diversion that keeps on giving, mostly since a players are still exploring, experimenting, and finding new things some-more than 3 years after it initial launched.

The latest disturb to strike a speedrunning apportionment of a Breath of a Wild fan village revolves around feeding Hyrule’s dogs. There are 16 dogs to be found in total, and players have been perplexing to learn new tricks to assistance them strech any one in record time. Now, though, things have left one step further.

You see, Twitch pennon Pointcrow stretched this thought and remade it into a live competition. In February, he invited 20 streamers who had no knowledge of speedrunning a diversion to contest over a $1,000 prize. Contestants had to learn their approach around Hyrule to find all 16 dogs, creation certain they have adequate food to indeed feed them with, and even build Tarry Town – a plcae where dual dogs can be found.

The streamers had to strech any dog in a specific order, and a esteem income was separate between a altogether leader ($600), second place ($300), third place ($100), and a tiny reward for fourth place ($10). The video above, uploaded during a weekend, pulls together footage from any pennon and gives a good clarity of how all went down. It’s a prolonged watch, though it’s positively an interesting new approach to suffer a game.

Will this diversion ever stop being immensely fun? We doubt it.

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