Published On: Wed, Feb 1st, 2017

Viber for iOS & Android Gains Secret Messages Feature

Viber for iOS and Android has only perceived a sharp update, bringing to users a new Secret Messages feature. Here’s what it is all about.

Disappearing Photos Videos – Viber for iOS Android Has a New Treat for IM’ers

There are large IM services out there it seems, though the top of a food sequence is dominated by a likes of WhatsApp, Viber, iMessage etc. All of these services are constantly being softened over time, ensuring that the best ever knowledge is delivered to a finish user during any cost. Today, Viber is receiving a smashing update, bringing onward tip messages. As a name implies already, it allows we to send videos or photos with a timer. Once a time is up, a sold summary will disappear, never to be seen or listened from again.

Make your conversations some-more suggestive by selecting what stays and what goes. Secret messages give we a ability to confirm when a photos and videos we send will disappear from your review and, in doing so, let we confirm what should and shouldn’t be a permanent partial of your review history.

Sending a tip summary is a square of cake. First and foremost, open adult a review thread in that we wish to send a print or a video. Once opened, name a print or video, afterwards name a timer, and strike send. As shortly as a photo or video is noticed by a other person, it will afterwards disappear after a specified volume of time. It’s flattering clever, though really something that Snapchat and Instagram have been pulling off utterly well.

If we like to give tip messages a shot, afterwards we can do so regulating Viber, that happens to be giveaway of cost to download and used. Simply daub on a links next to flog off a download for possibly iOS or Android.

  • Download Viber for iOS
  • Download Viber for Android

Viber has come a prolonged approach in terms of facilities and we are certain a sight will continue to wizz brazen in a time to come. Secret messages, while not a new idea, will really see itself as a acquire further for a accumulation of reasons.

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