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VCs are betting big on Kubernetes: Here are 5 reasons why | #1 Technology News Source by Kalen2utech
Published On: Wed, Aug 11th, 2021

VCs are betting large on Kubernetes: Here are 5 reasons why

I worked during Google for 6 years. Internally, we have no choice — we contingency use Kubernetes if we are deploying microservices and containers (it’s indeed not called Kubernetes inside of Google; it’s called Borg). But what was once usually an inner plan during Google has given been open-sourced and has turn one of a many talked about technologies in program growth and operations.

For good reason. One chairman with a laptop can now accomplish what used to take a vast group of engineers. At times, Kubernetes can feel like a superpower, though with all of a advantages of scalability and lively comes measureless complexity. The law is, really few program developers truly know how Kubernetes works underneath a hood.

I like to use a analogy of a watch. From a user’s perspective, it’s really candid until it breaks. To indeed repair a damaged watch requires imagination many people simply do not have — and we guarantee you, Kubernetes is many some-more formidable than your watch.

How are many teams elucidate this problem? The law is, many of them aren’t. They mostly adopt Kubernetes as partial of their digital mutation usually to find out it’s many some-more formidable than they expected. Then they have to sinecure some-more engineers and experts to conduct it, that in a approach defeats a purpose.

All of this means there is a good event for DevOps startups to come in and residence a opposite pain points within a Kubernetes ecosystem. This record isn’t going anywhere, so any height or production that helps make it some-more secure, elementary to use and easy to troubleshoot will be good appreciated by a program growth community.

In that sense, there’s never been a improved time for VCs to deposit in this ecosystem. It’s my faith that Kubernetes is apropos a new Linux: 96.4% of a tip million web servers’ handling systems are Linux. Similarly, Kubernetes is trending to turn a de facto handling complement for modern, cloud-native applications. It is already a many renouned open-source plan within a Cloud Native Computing Foundation (CNCF), with 91% of respondents regulating it — a solid boost from 78% in 2019 and 58% in 2018.

While a record is proven and adoption is skyrocketing, there are still some elemental hurdles that will positively be solved by third-party solutions. Let’s go deeper and demeanour during 5 reasons because we’ll see a swell of startups in this space.


Containers are a go-to process for building complicated apps

Docker revolutionized how developers build and boat applications. Container record has done it easier to pierce applications and workloads between clouds. It also provides as many apparatus siege as a normal hypervisor, though with substantial opportunities to urge agility, potency and speed.

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