Published On: Wed, Jul 29th, 2020

VC Garry Tan shares 3 ways founders screw adult their startups

There are many unpleasant ways for a startup to destroy — including founders who eventually chuck in a towel and spin off a lights.

But presumption a owner intends to keeps relocating forward, there are a few pitfalls that Garry Tan has seen during his career as a founder, Y Combinator partner and, lately, co-founder of try organisation Initialized Capital.

During a fun discuss during final week’s TechCrunch Early Stage, he ran us by these avoidable mistakes; for those who couldn’t probably attend, we’re pity them with we here.

 1. Chasing a wrong problem

This sounds insane, right? How can we be blamed for wanting to solve a problem?

Tan says people select a wrong problem for a far-reaching accumulation of reasons: Founders infrequently select a problem that isn’t cryptic for adequate people, he said, citing a instance of a suppositious 25-year-old San Francisco-based operative who might be out of hold with a rest of a country. When founders aim a wrong problem, it typically means that a marketplace will be too tiny for a venture-like return.

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