Published On: Sat, Jun 3rd, 2017

Use Bing Over Google And Microsoft Will Reward You – Microsoft Reward Enough To Attract People Or Not

Microsoft Reward was launched in a UK and it would concede we to acquire points for creation purchases online. But what’s a catch? What does a association get out of this? Well, we have to use Microsoft’s Bing Search engine. The faithfulness module isn’t something new. It has already been on a hurl in a US marketplace for a while now. The association is now entering Britain and it seems that this is an try to justice people divided from a marketplace personality Google. Rewarding people to give adult a selling leader? Great plan we contingency say.

The doubt that remains: Is this enough? Will users desert Google for ‘free’ Xbox Live membership, a Groove Music Pass or a possibility to win an Xbox One S. We can’t accurately envision how most success this step will move for a association though if we like a idea, afterwards go ahead. Here are some things we need to know about Microsoft Rewards.

Earning Microsoft Reward points

According to Microsoft, “The some-more searches we do by Bing, a some-more points we will earn. On Bing, Level 1 members can acquire points for adult to 10 searches a day and Level 2 members can acquire points for adult to 50 searches a day (30 PC, 20 mobile). The hunt extent resets each day, so we can start earning again tomorrow.”

Basically one hunt on Bing is equal to 3 prerogative points. If we squeeze products by Windows, Xbox and Microsoft stores, we will accept one indicate for each bruise spent. You can also acquire additional points by holding daily quizzes and hurdles on a Microsoft Rewards dashboard. For this we will have to pointer adult during

Microsoft Reward points redemption

After earning these points, a subsequent doubt is: what is a value of these points? If we acquire 200 points we will be means to enter sweepstakes to win equipment such as a Microsoft Surface Pro or Xbox One S. These points can also be exchanged for discernible things though we would need many searches to get to that point. You can get an Xbox Live Gold Membership for 6000 points and a 1 month Groove Music Pass for 9,500 points. A 12 month Groove Music Pass is value 110,000 points (or 99,900 if you’re during Level 2). These points can also be used on a operation of products during a Microsoft Store.

So meddlesome to do this many searches and give adult on Google?


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