Published On: Sun, Jun 20th, 2021

Upstream, a Miami-based veteran networking platform, raises a $2.75M seed round

If you’re reading this, there’s a flattering good possibility we have a LinkedIn form with your digital resume and hundreds — if not thousands — of veteran connections. But how many of those people do we indeed know well, and, some-more importantly, do we ever bond with them and accommodate others from their networks?

“You don’t go to LinkedIn to accommodate people. You don’t hang out and spend suggestive time there,” pronounced Alex Taub, co-founder and CEO of Upstream, a new veteran networking height that only sealed a $2.75 million seed round, bringing their sum lifted to $3.25 million. The turn was led by Ibex Investors and handling partner Nicole Priel (who joins a board) and includes appearance by 8-Bit Capital, Human Ventures, NYVP, Converge Venture Partners and a series of angel investors.

“Your LinkedIn network is not a good illustration of who we indeed know and how good we know them. We see these places that LinkedIn isn’t quite focused [on] and trust there are opportunities for mixed large companies to improved offer a needs of professionals,” Taub added.

Unlike LinkedIn, Upstream focuses on generating suggestive connectors between a members, and one approach they go about it is by hosting digital events that start with a speaker, followed by dermatitis matched sessions that are 5 mins each.

To get a clarity of a product, Upstream invited me to be a orator during final Friday’s “Upstream Social,” where we talked about my work as a publisher and afterwards coincidently got matched with dual founders — one in Brazil and a other in Boston. The week before, a guest orator was U.S. Senator Cory Booker of New Jersey.

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To me, a knowledge felt like LinkedIn meets Clubhouse meets Hoppin.

Upstream, that is pre-revenue and is Miami-based, is a association whose owner was captivated to a Sunshine State from NYC during a pandemic. Taub and his family sealed a two-year franchise here and devise to reevaluate their chateau in a summer of 2022; they are one of a movers who are carefully confident about a tech industry’s new blast in a Magic City.

The start story

Taub and his co-founder, Michael Schonfeld, are both sequence entrepreneurs, carrying built and sole Social Rank for an undisclosed volume before rising Upstream in Oct 2020. The procedure for a association came as a resolution to a onslaught Taub faced in his daily life.

“Throughout my life, regardless of a pursuit I’ve been in, we spend my time creation introductions, joining people and assisting friends sinecure rock-star talent. Like many people, we get appetite from assisting others,” Taub said. “When COVID-19 strike and a pursuit marketplace took a dive final March, a series of requests for assistance we perceived increasing 100X. we beheld fast that my speed of responding to emails and mind ability to bond a dots became a tying cause in removing people help,” he added.

So it’s no warn that Upstream started as a product where people could ask for help, and others from a village pitched in. The association now has some-more than 200 communities (similar to LinkedIn groups), and about 75% of a people who attend an initial Upstream eventuality lapse for a second one.

“I fun that we are building a product that people need since we need it. We feel that we are a right group to solve this problem since we so desperately wish it ourselves,” Taub said.

Accessing amicable groups by referrals

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