Published On: Tue, Sep 19th, 2017

Updated Xbox One X Game Packaging Surfaces With ‘Xbox One X Enhanced’ Inscriptions

Microsoft has updated a diversion wrapping with a Xbox One X inscriptions in expectation of a arriving Xbox One X recover this November.

As speckled by Jaromír Miko from Slovakian gaming site, WRC 7 is among a initial titles to accept a Xbox One X inscriptions. “Starting this Fall, we’ll be introducing new wrapping that privately calls out what your soon-to-be favorite games support and how they support it” Microsoft wrote behind in Jun of this year. “Displayed clearly in a top right dilemma will be icons that call out what a diversion supports on Xbox One, Xbox One S, Xbox One X, and Windows 10.

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The One X trademark appears on both a front and behind of a boxart, and it appears that Microsoft has now placed all the applicable complement information in a left sidebar on a behind of a packaging.

More titles containing a updated wrapping will be expelled shortly. The Xbox One X is slated for a tellurian recover on Nov 7th. Games ancillary a extended Xbox One console will lift Microsoft’s new wrapping icons, including a “Xbox One X enhanced”, “4K Ultra HD”, and “HDR” logos. Down next you’ll find Microsoft’s description for a Xbox One X extended logo:

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The Xbox One X is slated for a tellurian recover on Nov 7th for $ 499 USD. Pre-orders for a Limited Day-One ‘Project Scorpio’ Edition went live final month, and sole out roughly instantly, accorcding to Microsoft.

Thanks to Jaromír Miko for a heads up.

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