Published On: Fri, Aug 25th, 2017

[Updated] Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Price, Preorder & Color Details for US & UK

– Originally published on Aug 23

Samsung has denounced a rarely awaited Galaxy Note 8, that will be accessible for preorder starting tomorrow, Aug 24. The device goes on sale in both a UK and a US on Sep 15. As for a Note 8 price, a phablet is going to cost £869 in a UK and but a starting cost for a United States hasn’t been expelled by any conduit yet. a cost has now been announced by several carriers and wiring retailers in a United States, as well.

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Galaxy Note 8 will be accessible in a US and UK in usually dual tone choices

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 comes in 4 colors: Midnight Black, Orchid Gray, Maple Gold and Deep Sea Blue. However, in a United States, a device will usually be accessible in black and gray. It is misleading where accurately will a Gold and Blue options be accessible or if Samsung will deliver them during a after date.

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cost and promotions

If we watched a livestream and are vehement to get a latest Note, we can name to preorder a Galaxy Note 8 and get your hands on some freebies too. Samsung is charity a choice between a giveaway Samsung Gear 360 camera ($229.99 value) and a charging gold ($189.98 retail). The latter will include:

  • 128GB EVO+ memory card
  • Fast Wireless Charger

While carriers are nonetheless to announce their deals, Best Buy has already expelled one appetizing promotion. The wiring tradesman is charity $150 assets on tip of a freebies that are being charity by Samsung with Galaxy Note 8 preorders. If we preorder a Galaxy Note 8 on Aug 24 from Best Buy, we will be means to save $150 along with a Samsung freebies.

Best Buy is charity unbarred Galaxy Note 8 for $929.99

Best Buy’s Galaxy Note 8 preorders start during 12:01am ET online and on Thursday morning in a section and trebuchet Best Buy sell stores. Along with that, a association is also charity 24-month financing on a unbarred Galaxy Note 8 when purchased with a My Best Buy credit card.

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So, there we have it. You can get your hands on this hulk phone for usually $930 along with freebies value over $200, creation it one honeyed deal. We will refurbish this post as some-more retailers and carriers share their possess deals.

Best Buy is also carrying preorder deals from Verizon, ATT, and Sprint.

Verizon – unbarred for $960

Verizon is also holding preorders starting tomorrow in a same Midnight Black and Orchid Grey tone options. The conduit has common that the 64 GB indication cost will start during $40 a month for 24 months on a remuneration plan. You can buy a unbarred chronicle for $960.

Similar to Best Buy, Verizon is also charity something additional along with a betrothed Samsung freebies. The association has pronounced that buyers will be means to accept adult to 50 percent off their new device with an authorised trade-in. Additionally, we can also get $100 off a Samsung Gear S3 with a two-year activation.

More sum here.

T-Mobile starts early preorders

You can preorder a Galaxy Note 8 in a dual tone options accessible to US business starting 9:01pm PT today, Aug 23. T-Mobile is also charity a Galaxy Note 8 starting from $930.

The association is charity a device on $210 down remuneration and $30 a month on EIP and $0 down with $39 a month for JUMP! On Demand customers.

Details here.


ATT will offer a Note 8 for $950. On a Next Plan, we can get a smartphone for $31.67 a month for 30 months. You can also relief a BOGO understanding if we squeeze a Note 8 on ATT Next with a DirecTV subscription.

Sprint offers unbarred for $999.99

Sprint is starting preorders on Aug 24, with an offer to those switching to Sprint with $0 down remuneration and for $20 a month for 18 months by a Sprint Flex program. Existing business can get a Note 8 for $39.59 a month for 18 months or $33.33 a month for 24 months.

US Cellular

US Cellular has been a many deceptive about Note 8 deals, charity a following statement:

Customers who switch to U.S. Cellular and preorder a device can accept a $300 promotional card. Contingent on New Equipment Instalment Contract, Total Plan or Shared Connect plan, Device Protection +, and credit approval. $100 U.S. Cellular Promotional Card will be given during indicate of sale. Additional $200 U.S. Cellular Promotional Card will be mailed to patron within 6-8 weeks.

[Update]: US Cellular is apparently charity a prepaid indication for $900. Preorders start $32.10 a month for 30 months with $0 down payment. More here.

Sam’s Club

If we buy a Samsung Galaxy Note 8 from Sam’s Club by Sep 24, we can get a Samsung freebies (Gear 360 during $230 OR a charging gold during $190). You will also get a $200 Sam’s Club present tag if we get a Note 8 on a Verizon, ATT, or Sprint installment plan. Those who get a inclination activated by Sep will also accept a waiver of a activation price ($40).

Samsung US

Samsung is charity some overwhelming trade-in deals with a few of a readers stating saving as most as $500. For some-more details, revisit this earlier post.

UK Deals and offers

  • Samsung UK is charity a unbarred Galaxy Note 8 for £869.00. The UK is also charity a device in usually dual tone options of Midnight Black and Maple Gold.
  • Vodafone is charity a Note 8 for £50 down remuneration and £60 a month for 16 GB of data.
  • EE deals start during £89.99 down remuneration with £57.99 a month with 5 GB of information a month.
  • O2 Galaxy Note 8 preorders are already live starting during £49.99 down remuneration and £66.00 a month, with 10 GB of information per month.
  • Carphone Warehouse is charity unbarred a Note 8 for £869. You can also relief other deals formed on a conduit we select.
  • Sky Mobile is charity a Note 8 during just £38 a month without any down payment with a Swap24 plan. The offer includes 500 MB of information and giveaway total calls and texts for Sky TV customers.

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